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Primary and Secondary Prevention

Primary diabetes prevention involves lifestyle changes like a healthy diet, exercise, and weight management to prevent its onset, especially in high-risk individuals. Secondary prevention, for those already diagnosed, focuses on managing the disease and preventing complications through blood sugar control, regular medical checkups, and patient education. Both primary and secondary prevention strategies are crucial in mitigating the long-term consequences of diabetes. Here at SDC, our top priority is the prevention of long-term complications associated with diabetes.

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Self-Management Education Program

Ensuring our patients have the knowledge and tools to manage their diabetes effectively is essential for their everyday well-being. We provide comprehensive education, valuable resources, and specialized training to empower our patients to comprehend how their actions and lifestyle choices impact their health. Our goal is to enhance the expertise and capabilities of our patients, enabling them to navigate life with diabetes confidently. We are determined to tailor our approach to each patient’s needs and circumstances. Our mission is to equip patients with the means to lead healthy and sustainable lives.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Diet and nutrition are vital components in the prevention and management of diabetes. The nourishment we provide our bodies enables it to function with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Central to our mission is aiding patients in recognizing the importance of a nutrition-focused treatment plan, which is expertly crafted by our team and complemented by therapeutic and counseling services. We take pride in offering treatments that promote overall well-being.

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Insulin Pump Management

For individuals with diabetes who are seeking an alternative to injections, insulin pumps can offer a welcome respite by providing enhanced control and reducing inconvenience. Insulin pumps are compact, technologically advanced devices designed to administer insulin in two distinct ways: a consistent and measured dosage known as “basal” insulin, delivered continuously, or rapid surge, termed “bolus” insulin, administered at your discretion, typically around mealtime. Our expert team will collaborate with you to determine the most suitable option based on your lifestyle and habits. We will also provide comprehensive guidance on pump management and equipment usage to ensure ongoing and dependable performance, optimizing efficiency for your diabetes management needs.

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Weight Management

Body weight significantly influences the onset of diabetes and the body’s ability to maintain optimal function. Losing excess pounds can reduce medication requirements, enhance cardiovascular and respiratory well-being, increase endurance, and many other advantages. Individuals seeking guidance can connect with our healthcare professionals to investigate effective weight management techniques aimed at reducing the impact of diabetes and promoting a healthier way of life.

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Smoking Cessation

Smoking substantially elevates the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, leading to a nearly 40% higher risk. Furthermore, nicotine’s influence on insulin absorption adds complexity to diabetes management, requiring higher insulin doses to maintain optimal bodily functions. We design our smoking cessation program and available resources to inspire you to quit smoking. Quitting enables your body to enhance insulin utilization and optimize other treatment options, ultimately improving overall health.

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Wound Care

Diabetes patients react differently to wounds of any kind, which requires unique care. Thus, this makes it vitally important that patients visit our office for proactive and attentive care. Improper care of wounds can lead to serious consequences like severe infection, nerve damage, weakened skin, or, in some cases, lead to amputation of an infected limb. Uncontrolled diabetes may also affect circulation, causing blood to move more slowly, which makes it more difficult for the body to deliver nutrients to wounds. As a result, the injuries heal slowly or may not heal at all. Our staff is trained, experienced, and certified in wound care and management to provide treatment education and ensure proper care to prevent further damage or complications.

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Durable Medical Equipment

We offer a comprehensive range of tools to help you effectively manage diabetes, including insulin pens and pumps, continuous glucose monitors, and various other resources. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate equipment for your specific needs, ensuring personalized choices and fit that can assist with mobility, testing, symptom management, and more. Depending on the symptoms and the severity of your diabetes, our team will offer recommendations and assist in obtaining various types of durable medical equipment (DME) tailored to alleviate symptoms and improve your daily life.

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